3 Tips for Following Up After Submitting a Resume

Following Up After Submitting a Resume

You've submitted your resume, and now the waiting game begins. However, you don't have to sit passively by while the company considers a response.

Making contact after a resume submission is different from following up after an interview. It requires some finesse. Here are three tips for following up with an employer after submitting your resume.

Conduct Research

Before putting in the effort to follow up, be sure you genuinely want to secure the opportunity. Don't waste valuable time and energy if it turns out you are no longer interested in the job.

Once you decide the situation is worth pursuing, conduct research to determine the correct approach. You will find out more about the company's preferences and practices. In addition, you can potentially track down contact info for the decision makers.

Choose Your Method Wisely

There are a few ways you can follow up after sending a resume. You can send an email, make a call, or even write a letter. The method you choose will depend on the situation.

Your default, polite choice should be email. The key is finding the correct address. Ideally, you want to find a specific person to target, rather than a general HR or "help@" address.

If you have an "in" at the company, a call might be the best way to go. It's more personal and harder to ignore. However, depending on the situation, calling may potentially seem out of line.

Consider What You Want to Say

Once you've chosen how you’re going to follow up, it's time to think about the actual content of your message.

What do you want to say? What can you add that wasn't in your resume and cover letter? You’ll want to include this additional information succinctly and with some flair. The position likely has a large number of applicants; you want to stand out, but not be long winded.

Knowing the correct way to approach a company can make the difference between landing the job and needing to pursue other opportunities. Having a professional on your side always helps. Working with an industry-leading staffing firm, such as United Personnel, ensures you’ll always have your best foot forward.

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