4 Tips for Involving Managers in the Employee Onboarding Process

Involving Managers in Onboarding

For an incoming employee, the onboarding process is a chance for your company to make an excellent first impression. 

Unfortunately, many companies leave onboarding to their HR staff, which squanders an opportunity to integrate workers more fully into a company. For that reason, it's imperative to get managers involved in the process.

Including management in the early stages of your new employees' tenures allows you to fast-track integration and get them to work as quickly and productively as possible.

Here are some tips for involving managers in the onboarding process.

Featured "Guest Stars"

Your HR staff should handle most of the basics. They can oversee the paperwork and the general orientation. However, managers should appear during the sessions to start building relationships and provide valuable information about the company.

Think of the managers as featured "guest stars." You don't want to use too much of their time, especially on low-level training anyone can handle. But bringing them in for a brief presentation and a Q&A can jump-start an employee's tenure.

Start Building Long-Term Relationships 

Making your new employee comfortable early on in their tenure increases the likelihood that they'll stay for the long-term. Meeting management during the onboarding process helps cement their relationship with the company as a whole.

Managers represent the personification of the organization. Therefore, building a relationship with a manager is the same as creating a bond with the company.

Encourage Cross-Division Cooperation 

Starting on day one, encourage cross-division cooperation. Don't merely introduce a new hire to their manager; let them meet the directors of other departments. You'll build bridges for future collaboration and provide the new worker a better grasp of the company as a whole.

Get a Good Grip on Culture 

Managers act as day-to-day ambassadors of your corporate culture. You want to keep your messaging consistent and build a strong base for your core values. Involving managers in the onboarding process makes these goals easier to achieve.

Quickly integrating new hires into your company is a central goal of the onboarding process. This process is more natural when you have the right workers. By teaming with a strong recruiting partner, such as United Personnel, you can find the perfect team members to achieve your goals.

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