The Benefits of Female Leadership

Do female leaders typically leverage different approaches than men in similar positions?  Research seems to indicate that’s the case, citing that women tend to be more inclusive, mission-focused and engaging of others when they occupy senior roles.  Women also bring diversity of thought and life experience to leadership – key aspects of building stronger organizations.

Management consulting firm Caliper’s research on the topic of women’s leadership noted that women “demonstrate an inclusive, team-building leadership style of problem solving and decision making.”  The unique lens which women bring to executive positions has many positive impacts on overall organizational diversity as well as net revenue. A recent Harvard Business Review study found firms with a senior leadership team made up of at least 30% women show, on average, an increase of 1% in net revenue over firms which do not.

Creating pathways by which women maximize their leadership potential is critical, both to retaining key talent but also in building stronger, more profitable and more inclusive organizations. It is important to recognize that these development plans need to include access to the opportunities which will be instrumental in building a full range of leadership skills. Managing budgets and lines of business with P & l responsibility, for example, and getting access to senior leadership (boards, C-suite and/or shareholders) allows women to both develop and showcase a full range of abilities.

As a proud woman-owned and woman-led business United Personnel gets to see these benfefits in action everyday. Because of this we are a strong champion of gender diversity within leadership and senior management teams. Have you seen the same benefits within your company? Get in touch, we would love to hear your story!