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Important Interview Tips From Hiring Managers

As an active job seeker, your number one goal is to get invited for an interview. But it’s what happens during that meeting that determines whether you’ll reach your ultimate goal: a job offer. While every hiring manager is unique in their likes and dislikes, here are some comments that are relatively common among them. Take note of what they have to say and you could increase your chances of getting that coveted offer.

Know when to stop talking

Tips for Promoting Creativity Among Your Employees

Gone are the days when workplace creativity only happened in the upper echelons of a business. Today, many companies—and certainly those that are progressive and successful—are supporting an environment of creativity throughout the workplace. From offices to plant floors, employees in every type of workplace are being encouraged to put forward their ideas and think outside the box.

How to Create a Great Resume With a Flawed Work History

A flawed employment history could give hiring managers the impression that you are not a desirable candidate. But in today’s day and age, many people are bouncing around among jobs and industries, so it isn’t the fatal flaw it once was. However, it does require some clarification from you, so here are some hints for smoothing out an uneven job history:

Tell a compelling story instead of stating your objectives

How to Successfully Prepare for a Performance Review

It’s time for your performance review, and while it may seem counterintuitive, you should be preparing for it. No matter what opinion you might have, these reviews are a frequent and normal occurrence in the working world. In fact, if you want to learn and progress within your organization, you must be ready to talk about both the year behind you and the one that’s ahead.

Here’s how to make the best of it:

Review your accomplishments from last year

Tips for Discussing Career Goals With Your Boss

You’re bright and ambitious, and you want to move your career forward. You want to climb the ranks. If this sounds like you, you should consider enlisting the guidance of a mentor who can guide you along the proper path. This individual should have the experiences that will be of most benefit to you and be willing to share information and offer insights when you need them. And sometimes the person who checks all of these boxes is actually your boss.