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What You Absolutely Must Have in Your Cover Letter

You’ve heard it before from the gurus of job hunting: Do your homework before you have any communication with a prospective employer. That means research the job you’re applying for, the company you’re applying to and even the industry it is part of, including its competition.

Since your cover letter is among the first documents you’ll be sending out, this is where you will show proof you have done your homework. You should tailor your cover letter to the job and the company. It should also include three elements if you want the best chance to have it noticed.

Tips for Planning Your Business Goals for 2018

Even though 2018 has been underway for some time now, it’s not too late to plan your goals for the year. Setting goals for your business is critical. No matter when you come up with a plan, it’s bound to be beneficial.

Having goals that guide the activities of employees in every department and at all levels is a proven method of engaging people and providing motivation. And as you probably are already aware, employee motivation is one of the most significant keys to productivity and profitability.

Follow these tips for setting goals for this year and beyond.

Tips for Making Sure Your Employees Stay Motivated

It takes a variety of skills to be an effective manager in today’s business environment. Of course, you should have strong hiring skills to ensure you’re populating your team with people who have the right combination of hard and soft skills.

Once you have them on board, it’s up to you to keep them engaged and motivated. And while that might sound simple, it’s a critical skill you’ll need to develop - and one that could mean the difference between success and mediocrity (or worse!).

What Makes a Warehouse Successful?

Running a successful warehouse is easier said than done, and it takes a lot to keep track of inventory, purchases and employees. Luckily, there are ways to set your warehouse up for success, and many of these ways are practical and affordable. If you have been struggling to make your warehouse more successful, try utilizing some of the approaches listed below.

Keep Track of Your Inventory

Top Skills Needed to Be a Marketing Manager

Do you genuinely have what it takes to be a successful marketing manager? If you didn’t answer “yes,” you may be in trouble. Managing others in the marketing industry is no easy task, and from the time you set foot in the workplace, you will be expected to solve a variety of problems that can easily weigh down your company. This may sound daunting, but by developing the skills below, you can learn to effectively manage others and ensure your marketing business succeeds.

Critical Thinking Skills

How to Tell if a Job is Right for You

So, you’ve finally got a job offer and you are looking forward to advancing up the corporate ladder once more. Job offers don’t come around very often, but when they do, you may want to think about whether the job you have been offered is really for you. A sizeable salary can excite virtually anyone, but do you really want to spend your time at a job you don’t enjoy? If your answer is no, here are some ways to tell if a job is right for you.

The Manager or Supervisor