Customer Service Skills All Call Center Reps Should Have

It’s a critical position. A call center representative is the voice of the company, ensuring every customer receives the individual attention that either satisfies or mollifies them.  With the nearly countless number of situations that can crop up during a conversation, call center reps must have a variety of skills to manage them and provide excellent customer service.

Here are some of those skills, all of which can and should be developed so customers end their calls believing they have gotten the best service possible.

A positive attitude

Customers may already be annoyed when they call, so a positive attitude and infinite patience are valuable assets that every rep needs to have. Agents should always give customers a chance to explain their situation and remain patient and positive throughout. In response, reps should calmly reassure the customer that a solution is imminent and they will do everything possible to help them.

A confident and patient demeanor is especially critical when dealing with technical issues that a customer might not fully understand. Again, using positive and reassuring language will put customers at ease and ensure they remain loyal to the company.

Excellent communication skills

Although customer service reps should be friendly and approachable, their goal should also be to have brief and thorough exchanges. Remember to respect the customers’ time and stay on track with most of the communications. Agents also need to have exceptional listening skills for those times when a customer chooses to explain a situation in detail. Customers feel they are being shown respect when a representative listens carefully and quickly comprehends their issue.


Customer reps must be able to adapt to changing situations quickly. There will be technical problems, inquiries, demands and a host of interactions that bear no resemblance to one another. Flexibility and a willingness to go with the flow are essential traits of a successful customer service agent.

Product or service knowledge

Another essential customer service skill is being able to discuss products and services. Reps should receive comprehensive training, so they understand what the company offers. They should also be informed of events such as recalls and promotional sales. The more thoroughly agents are trained, the less likely they will be to put customers on hold to find answers or to transfer them to someone else who can help them.

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