Here’s What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Job Search

If this is your first job search or you haven’t been searching for a while, you might not know the rules for finding a job are changing with the times. No, it hasn’t become more enjoyable, nor is it likely ever to be, but it is different. It requires some updated methods and a more focused approach.

Here are a few suggestions that should make the process less stressful and get your quest for a new job started in the right direction:

Get help from your network

Many companies are filling their open positions without advertising them. How’s that possible? They depend on referrals. Without a substantial network, you could be missing out on opportunities for which you would be a perfect match.

Make an effort to get to know people. Build your network. As it grows, your chance of talking to someone who knows of an opening that’s right for you increases considerably.

Clean up your social media

Look at your Facebook page. Is this what you want a hiring manager to see? Well, they are likely to be checking you out there. If you have posted comments that are sexist, racist or otherwise insensitive, you might have ruined your chances for an interview.

Make sure your social media accounts tell a good story about you. That photo of you holding a joint at the frat party may bring back fond memories, but it won’t impress a recruiter.

Update your resume

The resume you used several years ago might not work as well now. Today’s resume is simple and easy to read. Content is king. Make sure your work history is current, and you have added any new education or training. These items are important, but they no longer merit a position at the top of the page. And this leads to the next suggestion.

Highlight accomplishments instead of work history

If you want to impress a hiring manager, don’t list the duties you performed on your previous jobs. Tell them something they don’t already know: what you accomplished while you were there! Did you set a new sales record? Did you find a way to make a part faster? These accomplishments indicate you will bring value to the company, and that can set you apart from the other candidates.

Beware of the robot

Applicant tracking software (ATS) might be used to find keywords in your resume that match the job ad. Make sure you describe your skills precisely as the requirements are stated in the posting. And avoid any fancy fonts; ATS probably can’t read them. So, all those accomplishments won’t reach the interviewer’s eyes.

Do you need more help with your job search?

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