How to Attract Top Talent on Social Media

Social media has become imperative to attracting the best job candidates. Young, tech-savvy prospects spend most of their lives online. If you're not plugged into their world, you're likely going to miss out on some interesting talent.

Beyond its growing influence, social media provides unique recruiting opportunities compared to more traditional methods. The underlying concept of the sector - connectivity - allows an interaction with potential hires that normally doesn't come until late in the recruitment process.

Social media allows you to learn more about a candidate before you get to the interview stage. By the time a hiring decision gets made, you have a much more complete view of an individual.

Using social media to connect with talent also helps you develop a stronger pre-hire relationship. You don't only get to know more about the person factually (learning about their life and opinions through their posts), but more about them as a person. Social media feeds a more meaningful interaction.

But what’s the best way to leverage social media? Check out these four ways to use these platforms to attract top talent:

Create Custom Content

If your goal is to stand out, you can’t use the same posts as everyone else. Recycling memes may seem cost-efficient; you’re participating in the culture without having to invest too much effort. But ultimately, your engagement will come in below expectations.

To get attention, it’s important to create unique social media content. Create your own images. Craft a message specific to you. In short, tell your story.

Not only will this separate you from the competition, it will give you a chance to hone your message. You can micro-target subsets of potential talent and focus on the aspects of your company that most appeal to candidates.

Time Social Media Posts for Maximum Engagement

Don’t waste effort. Posting interesting and engaging content does you no good if no one can see it. That’s why it’s important to optimize both the presentation and the roll out.

By properly timing your social media posts, you increase their potential effectiveness. But, how do you pinpoint the precise moment to maximize effectiveness? The answer is simple: Data and research.

When it comes to your marketing efforts, you track every aspect of the roll out. Focus groups, data mining and conferences help you discover the industry’s gold-standard procedures. Put the same effort into your employer marketing and you’ll increase your ability to draw top talent.

Hold Live Q&A on Facebook Live

Nothing sells your business like personal interaction. Potential candidates can follow you on social media and read your online materials, but those items will always remain a relatively shallow presentation.

Unfortunately, it’s logistically difficult (not to mention expensive) to meet people in person. A Facebook Live event provides the next best thing.

You can make a personal pitch without geographical or physical constraints. What’s more, you can hear from candidates. You aren’t just pitching the company, you’re getting in touch with potential talent and developing relationships that might have significant long-term potential.

Get Employees to Help Share Your Culture

People are suspicious of company-generated content. As clever as you try to be, as topical as you try to appear, people will always discount your content as the outgrowth of a corporate agenda.

You want your efforts to have a more personal approach. For that reason, enlist your employees to help. They are in a prime position to sell your culture (living in it day to day, as they do). They can do a better job than you in focusing on the key selling points and framing them in a way that will appeal to job candidates.

Making connections with high-level talent presents one of the most challenging aspects of recruiting. There is a way to short-cut that process. By working with a top staffing firm, like United Personnel, you get access to a wide variety of qualified, energetic candidates.

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