How to Create a Great Resume With a Flawed Work History

A flawed employment history could give hiring managers the impression that you are not a desirable candidate. But in today’s day and age, many people are bouncing around among jobs and industries, so it isn’t the fatal flaw it once was. However, it does require some clarification from you, so here are some hints for smoothing out an uneven job history:

Tell a compelling story instead of stating your objectives

Every recruiter knows what your goals are, so don’t bore them with stock phrases such as “seeking challenging projects” or informing them that you are “results-oriented.” Instead, grab their attention with a unique personal story:

"I began as a parts-changer in a CNC machine shop before deciding to learn to program at the local community college. My company gave me the opportunity to prove myself by adding me as a programmer, and today I am involved in manufacturing critical components for the aircraft industry.”

Explain why you left your jobs

You will likely be using bullet points to describe your duties at each of your jobs. Save the last bullet to explain why you moved on. For instance, “I was recruited to be lead programmer for a mid-sized manufacturer” lets the hiring company know why you quit and also tells them that you’re good at what you do.

Tell your story as you list each of your past jobs

Many times the name of your former employer will not ring a bell with the recruiter. So instead of just giving the company’s name, include a short paragraph on what the company does, its size, and how you contributed to the organization’s success. Including this information is an excellent method for conveying your storyline to a prospective employer.

Explain your “flawed” job history in your cover letter

A convincing cover letter can have a substantial impact on how a hiring manager perceives you. You can tell your story and show them that there is purpose and direction in what may appear to be random job-hopping. Telling your story puts a reason behind every career move you have made.

There is no need for you to apologize

Once you see how you have benefitted from each of your former jobs, you realize you don’t have to apologize for your active work history. It’s a powerful feeling when you understand that most of your moves were purposeful and make you a valuable catch for future employers. Embrace that.

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