How to Identify Employees With Leadership Skills

At some point, you’ll need to identify an employee who displays leadership skills. Maybe it’s for a promotion or to take charge of an important project. No matter the reason, after you’ve defined the qualifying job-related skills this individual will need to have, you’ll also want to determine if others are likely to follow this person and accept their leadership.

And while naming the qualities of an effective leader can prove to be very subjective, there are certain universal traits that most will agree are common to the best leaders. Here are some of them. Look for these traits as you pursue the next employee to move up the ranks.

They love to learn

Given today’s pace of technological changes, your leaders must adapt by continuously learning and gaining expertise, maybe even across several fields. And they should be encouraging others within the company to learn all they can to help the organization remain competitive.  

They have built strong relationships

The ability to build relationships becomes essential as your employees move into leadership roles. They might now be interacting with customers, suppliers and other departments. If they have shown an ability to build stable relationships in the past, it likely indicates they have excellent communication skills, are good listeners and work well with groups.

They are humble

While the best leaders are smart and have learned quite a bit, they are modest enough to recognize there is still much to learn, and a lot of this knowledge will come from others. So, when you’re deciding who will be your next leader, look for someone who is willing to listen to different perspectives and doesn’t limit themselves to listening only to those who share their opinion.

They are transparent

A real leader is transparent and promotes openness and respect. Collaboration and cooperation are the watchwords in their culture. Although they discourage gossip and underhanded behaviors, they allow others to voice an opinion and do not try to subdue unpopular opinions when they come up in the conference room or the boardroom.

They enjoy serving others

You aren’t looking for a dictator. Leadership is about helping others: your customers, your company and all your employees. You want someone who will empower others to reach their goals, and help them reach their highest potential. Simply stated, the right person will put service to others ahead of personal needs.

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