How to Immediately Make New Employees Feel Welcome

People don't generally think of the workplace as a warm bastion of fuzzy emotion. Still, everyone wants to feel welcome, even when they are at work. In this regard, you, as management, act as a kind of host. It's up to you to create an accepting and inclusive environment.

If you can accomplish this positive atmosphere, it can have a noticeable impact on your business. Your retention rates will be higher, meaning you’ll end up spending less on recruitment and training. Meanwhile, your team will feel more engaged and more energized, leading to better productivity and a faster pace of innovation.

Achieving an inclusive, welcoming culture takes some planning, though. It’s important to consider how to develop that mood, and take the appropriate steps to cultivate it. Here are some ways you can immediately make new employees feel welcome:

Have a Plan

Creating a welcoming environment means coordinating many aspects of the corporate culture. It won’t happen by accident. You have to design policies and plan activities that cultivate that inclusive atmosphere. Create a game plan for your new employees. Start in the recruitment process and continue through training and into their early days on the job.

Show Enthusiasm (It’s Infectious)

Maintaining a positive mood in the office will foster a welcoming atmosphere you want to create. You represent the primary source of this positivity. As such, you should come to work enthusiastic and upbeat. This is especially important for incoming employees, who will take most of their cues from you, as well as their new coworkers, about how to approach their jobs.

Establish Achievable Goals

Don’t push your new employees so hard that you actively burn them. You will only push them toward the exit. Instead, create the conditions for success, where your team members can thrive over the long term. Set training standards and early production targets at levels your incoming employees can meet. Push them to do their best, but keep goals reasonable, so they can build confidence and ease into the position.

Cultivate Two-Way Communication

Foster a culture that encourages new ideas. When employees feel safe to share their thoughts, the overall atmosphere becomes more inclusive and welcoming. Establish this early in a new employee’s tenure. Solicit feedback from them and include them in team meetings. Make sure they know their input is wanted and respected.

Invite Them to Lunch

Don't limit your contact with new employees to the office. Take them out to lunch early in their tenure and continue to keep in touch as time progresses. Building a social relationship helps foster bonds of trust that will make them feel like they belong.

Assign a Mentor

You don't have to do all the work of creating a positive attitude on your own. It's easier when you recruit some help. By assigning new employees a veteran mentor, you provide them an excellent source of wisdom and experience. The recruits will develop their skills foster, and feel more welcome in the process.

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