How to Overcome the Challenge of Seasonal Labor

Overcoming Seasonal Labor Challenges

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a busy and chaotic time for employers, who often find themselves in need of additional seasonal workers. Below are steps you can take to ensure a more easeful hiring process during the seasonal rush.

Hire Early

Consider beginning the hiring process earlier than you would during other times of the year. The goal should be to hire the best workers before the competition gets ahold of them.

Build a Network of Part-Timers

Lessen the stress of the holiday season by prepping for it all year long. Build a network of part-time staff that you utilize throughout the year. You can then dip into this employee pool when it’s time to staff for the seasonal rush.

Stay in Contact with Past Workers

Stay in touch with your quality seasonal workers. Reach out to your former employees ahead of time to ask if they would like to return for this holiday season. 


It can be tempting to skimp on training during the chaotic holiday season. However, doing so can lead to confusion, inefficiency, and poor performance.  

Instead, invest in rigorous training for all of your seasonal staff. Training will improve efficiency, which may allow you to hire fewer overall workers.

Use a Professional

Hiring for the holiday season isn’t merely meeting an employee number quota; it’s ensuring you’ve staffed your team with top-notch people. Without a quality team, you’re likely to encounter productivity and customer service issues.

Using a top-ranked staffing firm, such as United Personnel, can solve even your most difficult seasonal hiring problems. Contact United Personnel today to find out how they can fulfill your holiday staffing needs.