How a Recruiter Will Help You Prepare for an Interview

Facing an interview is scary. It's just you in a room, across from a group of strangers, all focused on your every word. It's a performance and a trial. It's the stuff of nightmares to many.

However, you don't have to face the nightmare alone. A recruiter can help you build confidence and hone your message, leading to a better performance and a better chance of getting hired.

A recruiter can't be there with you. But the preparation they provide can alleviate much of the tension and put you in a better position to succeed. Here are some ways a recruiter can help you prepare:

Determine and Embrace Your Strengths (And Weaknesses)

It's hard to judge yourself. If you're an optimist, you might overvalue your good points and ignore your bad points. If you're a pessimist, the opposite is true. Your good points feel insubstantial and your bad points feel insurmountably bad.

Getting an objective third-party opinion strips away the psychological tangle. A recruiter can offer a clear-eyed appraisal of your real strengths and weaknesses. This lets you tailor how you speak about yourself to accentuate your best qualities and figure out strategies to diminish (or even eliminate over time) those problems holding back your career.

Write Up Your Selling Points

On their own, job seekers have a tendency to improvise; basically show up at interviews and run a private improv routine. This can lead to mistakes and missed opportunities.

A recruiter can suggest formal processes to hone your job-hunting skills. A good example: write up your selling points ahead of time. Like preparing marketing material for a product, a prewritten personal sales pitch primes your interview skills.

Recruiters help you treat your interview in a professional, prepared way – like a publicist getting a client ready for a TV appearance.

Know What Questions to Expect

Don't become the babbling blather-monster. Getting a question you don't expect, or one you haven't prepared for, can leave you struggling for an answer. Besides not providing a meaningful answer to the particular question, you could come off as inarticulate and poorly prepared.

A recruiter can protect against this. They are experts in the hiring process and know the ins and outs of an interview. They can provide a list of all the tricky or off-kilter questions you might receive, allowing you time to prepare a meaningful answer.

Know the Right Questions to Ask

Interviews aren't just about letting the company get to know you. They also provide an opportunity for you to get to know the company. A recruiter will help you get the most out of this chance. They will help you craft questions that will spotlight key aspects of the firm and the working environment. Learn whether the organization is a good fit for you. Find out about softer factors, like culture and the office vibe.

Meanwhile, the right questions at the end of the interview can put the perfect cap on your personal sales pitch. A well-crafted query can allow you to show intelligence and depth of understanding. A recruiter will help you have these kinds of questions ready to go.

A top recruiter, like United Personnel, will provide key support for your current job search, and beyond. Besides interview preparation, they can help you find the right position for your career goals, allowing you to grow and advance over time.

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