How to Start Getting Noticed at Work

You can become one of the best employees in your office, but it won't do your career any good if no one knows about your contribution.

Without wider recognition, you’re like one of those hip garage bands that's every critic's favorite, but no one else has ever heard of. Or the black-and-white, foreign-language indie movie that moves everyone who sees it to tears, but plays mostly to empty theaters for several weeks before becoming unwatched filler on a streaming service.

To push your career ahead, you have to get on people's radars. Your bosses and your co-workers have to know and respect your value to the company. It may seem like vanity, but that reputation can propel you to future opportunities. It can eventually translate into raises, promotions and recommendations - fodder for long-term career growth.

Take Initiative

Your boss has no investment in your long-term growth. They may like you and they may want to see you succeed, but in terms of achieving their personal growth goals, you only provide value insomuch as you help them.

That is to say, your boss is not in the business of finding you opportunities. Instead, you should be in the business of finding yourself opportunities. Don’t slouch at your workstation, waiting to get tapped on the shoulder. Ask your boss what more you can do and take whatever responsibilities you can get.

Build Rapport (and Build It Everywhere)

Networking represents a key aspect to navigating the external corporate landscape. Having good relationships with a broad swath of people helps you land jobs – everyone who has ever read a business blog or sat through a career-building workshop knows that.

Networking shouldn’t stop at finding opportunities. Transfer those skills into your current company. Internal networking offers a great chance to build your reputation inside the office.

By building rapport with your co-workers, you'll start developing a positive reputation. The wider your internal network, the more chances you have of getting tipped off to career-changing opportunities.

Be a Team Player

Your ultimate goal might be to become a leader. But to get there, you need to get good at being part of a team.

By helping others out, you develop a positive reputation around the office. Meanwhile, taking on responsibility, meeting deadlines, earning chips you can turn in for future favors – all the small things you do to help your team become the foundation for long-lasting professional relationships.

See Your Co-Workers Outside of Work

Don’t get a reputation as an office grump. Go to the office picnic and the Christmas party. Show up at happy hour. Sing when the cake is unveiled for the breakroom birthday party. In short, participate in office life.

Not only will it help you build that internal network, it will cement your reputation as a team player. The more you are seen – and not just as the “face on the elevator” sort of way – the more you will be recognized.

Ingratiating yourself in the corporate culture becomes easier in dynamic, exciting companies. A top staffing firm like United Personnel can put you in situations primed to recognize your talents and set you up for long-term career advancement.

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