How to Succeed in the Workplace as an Introvert

If interacting with people, especially large groups, is draining for you instead of energizing, you are likely an introvert.

We live in a society that often values the “extrovert ideal” but the skills common to introverts can be extremely valuable in the workplace, and many employers are seeing the value in having diverse teams and skillsets. In fact, people who can learn to master skills associated with both introversion and extroversion (called “ambiverts”) are proven to be the most successful in their career performance.

If you are more on the introverted side of the spectrum, here are some tips to help you harness your strengths.

Focus on Written Communication

Even extroverts sometimes get nervous giving feedback or speaking up at meetings, however, it’s more pronounced for introverts. Many introverts find written communication to be a less stressful way of communicating. Emails and texts give you a chance to compose your thoughts and avoid the intimidation that comes from face-to-face encounters. It also reduces the performative aspects of delivering information.

Concentrate on One-on-One Relationships

You don’t need to motivate a crowd to network or build mutually beneficial business relationships. Instead, rely on the individual approach. Focus on one-on-one interaction. What you lose in volume, you can make up for in quality.

Rely on Listening

Luckily, talking represents only half of the communication process. You can still make a mark by becoming a deep listener. Become the person co-workers go to to discuss new ideas. You’ll develop meaningful relationships and you’ll become a wealth of information – both keys to long-term advancement.

Don’t Wing Public Speaking

As much as it triggers anxiety, you probably can’t avoid all public speaking situations. The key is to avoid improvisation, instead arriving thoroughly prepared. Practice what you want to say and create any presentation materials you’ll need.  This gives you an opportunity to impress with your solid research and well-formulated ideas.

Let Your Work Speak for You

As an introvert, it can be difficult to trumpet your own value. Instead, concentrate on the substance of your work. Ensure you’re producing at a high level, and documenting your results. For many managers, actions speak louder than words.

Pick a Role that Suits You

Knowing you prefer a less social situation, try to find a role that fits your strengths. Don’t force yourself into situations that cause undue stress by trying to “break out of your shell.” Instead, focus on your strengths and gravitate toward situations that showcase your natural abilities in the best light.

Finding the right job situation can be key to driving long-term career development. By teaming with a topflight recruiting partner, such as United Personnel, you can locate that perfect position to unlock your potential.

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