How to Tell You’re a Good Fit for Your New Job

Congratulations! You passed the hard tests, braved the multitude of interviews, and scored a quality job offer.

And now? Challenges await as you start your new gig. There’s no way around it, you will have to make it through those awkward early stages as you try to become oriented and attempt to fit into a whole new corporate culture. It’s almost enough to trigger PTSD flashbacks to the first day of junior high.

But never fear, the uncomfortable initial days eventually pass. Your “new job” ultimately becomes just “your job,” and you forget you were nervous or disoriented in the first place.

But how do you know you’ve made it? How do you determine your transition is going well?

Here are a few hints that you’ve done a good job fitting into your new gig:

You Stop Needing Frequent Help

We’ve all been there: when you start a new job, you can’t find the bathroom without asking for directions. You need to ask people for their copier codes. You require help with every menial task and need guidance for every bit of paperwork.

However, before long, you stop needing all that extra help and eventually learn how the systems and routines work.

Your Co-Workers Stop Treating You Like the Newbie

When starting a new job, you’ll probably feel lost and confused — but your co-workers might be experiencing a different emotion: exasperation. They may see you as a burden. They might sneak away when they see you coming; they may sigh every time they are forced to assist you in completing a simple task.

However, as your confidence grows, their annoyance fades. They stop seeing you as a clumsy trainee and view you as a competent co-worker.

You Immediately Know How to Handle Routine Situations

Your first day at a new job can seem like a trip to a foreign country. New terms and jargon fly around like an unfamiliar language — and the customs seem strange and exotic. In a foreign country, simple tasks, like ordering dinner at a restaurant, turn into adventures.

The same is true with your early tenure at a new gig. A situation that should be a humdrum quick task becomes an hour-long odyssey.

Eventually though, you’ll develop muscle memory for the simple projects. You’ll know you’ve acclimated to a new position when the day-to-day feels less like an adventure and more like a normal routine.

You Get Into a Groove

Your early days at a new company are filled with all sorts of secondary concerns. These can include: filling out administrative paperwork, adapting to schedules and hierarchies, and worrying whether co-workers and managers like you.

You can tell you've successfully passed the newbie stage when your actual work becomes the main focus. You start showing up and immediately getting down to business, without worrying about minor tasks. This is a major sign you’ve successfully established a meaningful groove in your new position. Congratulations!

Fitting in becomes easier when you have the perfect position. Working with a top-flight recruiter, such as United Personnel, can help you locate these opportunities and lead to easier transitions and better long-term results.

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