If Candidates Aren’t Applying for Your Jobs, Here’s Why

It’s your hiring manager’s responsibility to bring new talent on board when it’s needed. But that won’t happen if nobody is applying—or more specifically, if the right people aren’t applying! It can happen even though the job description is thorough and well-written, so there must be other reasons why applications aren’t flooding your inbox.

Recent surveys have shown that a big obstacle for job seekers is not knowing enough about the company or the job opening. Candidates are reluctant to apply until they have enough information from a company’s website, read about them online or talk to someone who works there.

Here are a few things to consider if your company isn’t getting the applications to fill those openings:

Your company’s website is less than inspiring

The first thing most candidates do after seeing a job posting is visit the company’s website. Do candidates become more interested after seeing yours, or are they greeted by mediocre content that does nothing to excite them?

You should have at least one page devoted to your culture and values. Most of the younger generation of job hunters say that a company’s culture is very important to them - even more so than perks and benefits. This page can help you build a strong brand and entice candidates to apply.

Your employer brand isn’t strong enough

It’s not surprising that companies with a strong brand spend about half of what those with little or no brand do. Without a positive story or reputation, you’ll spend more time (and money) on your recruiting efforts. According to some estimates, you could end up spending $2,000 – 3,000 per hire after all costs are factored in.

Some of the top brand-enhancing tools include:

  • Building an attractive website
  • Employee and culture blogs
  • Candidate experiences
  • Comprehensive job descriptions
  • Effective social network presence

A strong business image will stimulate interest and increase job applications substantially.

No one is representing your brand

Your employees are your most vital ambassadors. Once again, a look at recent surveys indicates that one in every five people who changed jobs heard about the opening from an employee; while twice as many got the job through a referral. If you aren’t getting applications, it could mean you lack these ambassadors.

Get your workers on board. Prepare them to answer questions about career advancement, workload, and what a day at the company is like. They can be your best recruiters, and along with a professional-looking website and a compelling company culture, they could be setting you up for more applications.

Do you need more help getting qualified candidates to apply?

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