Important Interview Tips From Hiring Managers

As an active job seeker, your number one goal is to get invited for an interview. But it’s what happens during that meeting that determines whether you’ll reach your ultimate goal: a job offer. While every hiring manager is unique in their likes and dislikes, here are some comments that are relatively common among them. Take note of what they have to say and you could increase your chances of getting that coveted offer.

Know when to stop talking

Nervous candidates tend to babble on long after they have answered the initial question and said enough. They also tend to answer an interviewer’s questions without taking a second or two to consider their answers. Hiring managers may judge long-winded candidates as being incapable of organizing their thoughts or of being mediocre at picking up on conversational cues.

Good manners never go out of style

It may be common sense, but interrupting or finishing a hiring manager’s sentences can be a red flag. As can being impolite to the support staff. Bottom line: Display your best manners to everyone you meet that day.

Do your research

Go online and find out all you can about the company before you walk in the door. You’ll be able to ask pertinent questions and answer the interviewer’s questions with an insider’s knowledge. Not being prepared is an indication you might not be a serious candidate. Plus, the research will help you decide whether the job is the right fit.

Set yourself apart

Remember, you’re competing against other qualified candidates, which means you’ll need to show the employer you are unique. They are also looking for the right fit for their company’s culture. The interview is your opportunity to present your “unique” qualifications such as being cooperative, creative, collaborative and friendly. What makes you different?

Be authentic

Don’t embellish your skills and accomplishments. Doing so never works out to your benefit in the long run. Be realistic about your strengths and the areas where you’d like to improve. Overstating your qualifications is detrimental to everyone involved.

Follow up, but be patient

Following up your interview with a thank-you note shows that you are interested in the position and you have good manners. Since most candidates don’t follow up, it can set you apart from a crowded field.

On the other hand, don’t follow up every day. Hiring managers have a lot on their plates so send an initial note and then give the company time to make its decision.

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