Keep Employees Engaged and Committed With These Tips

If you own or manage a business, here are some statistics from the researchers at Gallup that should make you sit up and take notice:

  • Only 32 percent of American workers were “engaged” in their jobs, which means they approached their work with enthusiasm and commitment.
  • The majority of workers—a staggering 51 percent - were “not engaged” indicating they showed up and did what they had to do to keep their jobs. The company got little involvement or enthusiasm from this group, and they seldom put in an extra effort.
  • The last 17 percent were the “actively disengaged.”  These are those toxic workers who are unhappy and display it in their attitudes and actions. They can often undermine the performances of others.

Major corporations—Apple, Procter & Gamble, and Alcoa, just to name three—have watched their profits soar over the years after they made employee engagement a priority. While there is no standard template for engagement that fits into every business, there is a compilation of methods that companies, from the largest to the smallest, have found to be effective.

As you’ll see, engagement is a two-sided activity with both employees and management participating in and committing to the process. Here’s how it works:

Tell your employees to treat the business as if they owned it

Yes, this might sound frightening to some in management, but the idea is to give your workers a sense of partnership. If they start to feel like they are personally invested in the company, they are much more likely to perform at a high level.

Communicate with them and build solid relationships

Give employees a chance to give input and make suggestions. Get to know them. Find out what they enjoy outside of work. By treating them as people, not just workers, you show them respect and establish meaningful relationships with them.

Provide opportunities for them to learn something new

Allow your workers to learn a new skill, and watch them become energized. Cross-trained employees feel valuable and tend not to get bored.

Trust them with more responsibilities

Some of your most amazing people might be sitting on the sidelines waiting for an offer to take on more responsibility. It’s an excellent way to engage your team members. Who knows? You might even uncover your next superstar employee.

Solicit feedback from them

Talk to them before finalizing any new program. They could be a gold mine of new insights. After the program is in place, get their feedback on how it’s working.

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