The Key to Getting Better Candidates - Writing Better Job Descriptions

Writing a captivating and compelling job description is your first step toward finding the right candidate. Unfortunately, many employers are intimidated by job descriptions, and even more do not understand their importance. Despite this widespread lack of understanding, a well-written job description can help you attract the talent you need to expand your company and prosper. Try keeping the following tips in mind when writing your next job description.

Basic Components of a Job Description

As any human resources professional will tell you, a job description should achieve five fundamental goals. When writing your description, be sure it conveys the following information:

  • Tasks associated with the job
  • Overall purpose of job and its relevance to the company
  • Necessary qualifications to perform the job
  • How the job relates to other jobs in the company
  • How the individual will be expected to perform the job

When writing a posting, be sure to remain honest about the job and avoid exaggeration.

The Importance of Language

When writing your job description, use professional, direct language. Be sure your verbs are in present tense, and always try to make the job sound exciting. For example, instead of writing “delivers papers to other departments” try writing “maintains correspondence between various company departments.” Use unique and emotional language to sell the job to potential candidates.

Additional Details

There are just a few key details that every job description should contain. Before posting your description, be sure it provides the following information:

  • Professional title
  • Location
  • Educational or vocational requirements
  • Supervisory information (who the worker will report to)
  • Detailed list of responsibilities or tasks

If your company allows you, it is also common to include information about salary and benefits.

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