Learn About the 7 C’s For Finding and Hiring Top Talent

The process of bringing on new hires is a multifaceted one. After all, you are not simply finding someone to fulfill the current position. You are betting on this new hire to benefit your organization in the long term.

You both want this new hire to begin contributing immediately, and also evolve with the company over time. Meanwhile, you need someone who is an excellent organizational fit. This new hire needs to both get along with their new co-workers and thrive in your work environment.

This complicated process can be boiled down into “the 7 C’s.” Below are seven qualities that represent basic traits to look for when recruiting top talent.


Ask yourself these simple questions: Can the potential employee do the job at hand? Do their skills and experience meet the minimum requirements for the position? Passing the competency test means the prospect demonstrates appropriate skills to do the job on a day-to-day basis.


Capability is a step beyond competency. A recruit shouldn’t simply be competent at only the tasks they are assigned. Instead, they should possess the ambition and creativity to excel when faced with more challenging projects.


Long-term success requires teamwork. An impeccable skill set does little good if an employee struggles to communicate with others or operate effectively as part of a team. Seek out candidates who have vital soft-skills and work well with others.


You've found a highly competent worker willing to go the extra mile, someone who is a stellar fit for your current team. But can you count on them in the long term? Or are they simply using the position as a short-term stepping stone? An employee who enters your organization with one foot already out the door can result in more problems than solutions. Look for someone wanting to commit to a significant tenure.


Character is the key to any long-term relationship. Whether it’s a close friendship or a day-to-day working relationship, shared values are a must. Look for trustworthy individuals who share in your organization’s ethical standards.


Your employees should be good cultural fits for your company. If you have a casual work environment, the new hire should be able to thrive in a casual culture. Conversely, if you expect employees to volunteer for overtime, you don't want a hire who heads for the door as soon as five o’clock rolls around.


New hires should be excited to join your organization. You don't want an employee starting off dissatisfied with their compensation and beginning their tenure with a chip on their shoulder. To avoid this, ensure your new hire is happy with their starting compensation package.

Finding the best talent is easier when you have a neutral eye watching for these 7 C's during the screening process. By teaming with a top-flight recruiter, such as United Personnel, you get the benefit of expert screening and professional candidate assessments.

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