Reasons You Should Take a Temporary Position

Are you a recent graduate with lots of potential but no real-world work experience? Or maybe you haven’t decided on a career path just yet, or you can’t figure out which company looks like a good fit for you. You’re in a state of flux and need to sort things out. But while you’re doing that, the bills are piling up. What can you do?

Think about temp work

Businesses often need employees for short-term assignments, and staffing agencies match them up with people like you who need a job that’s not going to be permanent. Temp jobs are perfect opportunities for recent grads or current students to pick up some cash (and some work experience!) without making any long-term commitments.

While it might not solve all your problems, temporary work has benefits you might not have considered. Here are a few of them:

  • Make money: Yes, you probably have considered this benefit since it’s likely the primary reason for getting a job at this stage.
  • Get work experience: Instead of just reading about potential careers, you get to work in them.
  • Make contacts: You might meet someone who could help you get a permanent job, either at your present temp job or elsewhere.
  • Receive valuable formal training: Most temps receive some formal training that leads to a new skill.
  • Get on-the-job training: Learning while you work is yet another benefit that results in a new skill and a more impressive resume.
  • Flexible schedule: Perfect for students who need to work around classroom time.
  • Challenge and variety: Every assignment is an exciting challenge and a chance to learn something new.

It’s easy to get started

Find a reputable and experienced staffing agency to assist you. The agency will have you fill out an application and submit your resume. A recruiter will interview you to find out your skills and interests. And you might be asked to take some tests to assess your skills and abilities.

Once the recruiter has determined what will be a good fit for you, you'll be all set to start learning new skills, exploring areas you might never have considered and, of course, making some much-needed money!

Let us help you get started

Here at United Personnel, we’ll use our 30-plus years of experience to guide you toward a temporary position that’s the right fit for you. Many of our short-term placements lead to long-term positions, and if it’s a direct-hire position you’re looking for, we can help you with that, too.  

Whatever type of placement you’re looking for, make us your first contact!