Should I Consider Implementing a Company Wellness Program?

Company Wellness Policy

You may be on the fence about implementing a company wellness program. Will your employees participate? Will it be too expensive? These are common questions all business owners and managers have about wellness programs. Continue reading to learn the answers to these questions and more.

Boosting Productivity Levels

Did you know that healthy employees are statistically more productive than those who are unhealthy? By implementing a company wellness program, you can help combat issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, while boosting worker output. When workers are not healthy, they cannot perform at their maximum level (imagine being physically exhausted or in pain and trying to work a full day). This lack of productivity can impact your bottom line in a negative way. When employees are free of illness and energized, they are more alert and ready to work.

Reducing Sick Days

Everyone has to take sick days. This is a fact, but in reality, healthy employees who exercise, eat properly and monitor their stress levels take significantly fewer sick days than employees who do not. The fewer sick days your employees take, the less revenue you will lose out on. By implementing a wellness program, you can reduce the amount of productivity lost to sick days on a regular basis.

The Lasting Impact of Happiness

Employees who manage their health properly tend to be happier. Many people do not know this, but when employees feel happy, the entire workplace can work together more cohesively. You may also notice your workers start doing the following once you implement your program.

  • Communicating more effectively
  • Offering more assistance and positive feedback to co-workers
  • Interacting better with customers or clients
  • Respond better to stressful situations

People don’t become happy overnight, but with the correct wellness tools, they can improve their mood and contribute more to their place of work.

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