Spotting and Avoiding Job Hoppers

Job Hopping

Job hoppers move from one job to the next very quickly and for a variety of reasons. This can be acceptable in some situations, but as an employer, you will certainly want to avoid these individuals. If you are looking for reliable and loyal employees, use the following tips to identify job hoppers.

Pay Attention to Employment Gaps

If there are extensive gaps, it may mean the candidate decided to take a break from work, but if there are numerous small gaps in an extensive job history, the candidate probably moves very quickly from one job to another. In general, a few small gaps may not be a cause for concern, but if there are multiple gaps, you may want to consider another candidate.

Ask Candidates to Commit

If your candidate is a serial job hopper, they may have a major issue with committing to a single position. To weed out job hoppers, ask candidates if they would be willing to stay employed for a specific period of time and wait for their response. If they take too long to answer, it may be time to go in another direction. Be careful when using this method if you are experiencing high turnover rates or difficulty finding qualified applicants – you could scare off the interviewee. 

Ask the Right Interview Questions

If you suspect a candidate may be a job hopper, try asking one or more of the following questions:

  • “Why did you leave your last job?”
  • “What is the longest amount of time you’ve worked for a single company?”
  • “Do you always give two weeks’ notice before resigning?’
  • “Would your last employer be willing to hire you again?”
  • “Why did you take your most recent job?”

The questions listed above can help you weed out job hoppers with ease.

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