Strategies for Improving Workplace Communication

Good communication in the workplace is the key to everyone on your team feeling heard and understood. Without it, both you and your workers can feel frustrated, isolated and misunderstood, while morale suffers. With it, however, you’ll have an environment in which people can engage and exchange feedback because there is clear and effective two-way communication.

Good communication starts with good leaders. If communication in your company could use some improvement, the change should start with you. There are steps you can take to get things headed in the right direction. Just remember, the effort is well worth it. Improved communication will lead to a better work environment and substantially higher morale.

Consider the following strategies.

Learn to Listen

If you do all the talking, your team members will eventually stop hearing you. They need to have an active part in all conversations to feel engaged. When you do talk, make your words count. After you make a point, stop and take questions or at least check to make sure your listeners are understanding.

Give Your Full Attention

It’s important that you focus on the person doing the talking, or you’ll be diminishing the value of the conversation. Whether you're talking or listening, maintain eye contact and stay present during the conversation. It is unprofessional and impersonal to be glancing at your smartphone or anywhere else while someone is trying to communicate with you.

Practice Positive Body Language

When you are communicating with your employees, your words are only part of the message you’re giving them. Your body language delivers the rest of it. Here are a few tips:

  • keep your stance and facial expression relaxed;
  • make eye contact;
  • rest your arms by your sides;
  • smile and nod when it’s appropriate;

Follow Up in Writing

Don’t count on people remembering everything said in a meeting. Have someone take notes during the meeting and type them up afterward. Send them to all attendees as a refresher and follow-up. Short, concise notes with bullet points will keep important information fresh in everyone’s minds.

Educate and Inspire

As a leader, it’s critical you communicate information that explains and spells out your thoughts and ideas. And while the importance of educating your team cannot be stressed enough, it’s also crucial that your communication inspires them. When you’re planning your next meeting or conversation, think of ways to mix in inspiration with the information. Click here for some tips on how to motivate and inspire your employees.

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