There Are Many Benefits of Learning a Skilled Trade

You’ve probably heard that a four-year degree is your ticket to a successful career. And, depending on what your career goals happen to be, it’s good advice. But don’t think for one second that obtaining a four-year degree is the only path that leads to a prosperous and satisfying work life, because it isn’t true.

There are certain stereotypes about the skilled trades and the so-called “blue-collar” workers who choose them, and they need to be rethought. People who learn a trade open up incredible opportunities for growth and prosperity for themselves. These professional careers are constant demand and lead to high-paying positions with job security.

There are many reasons to consider learning a skilled trade, and here are just a few of them:

It’s a shorter and often more affordable path

College degrees are a must if you’re hoping for a job in the legal, medical or financial sectors. But the costs of the education that provide these jobs are prohibitive to many, and the years that must be invested in these degrees can be overwhelming to some.

Skilled trades offer a shorter training period that will get you to your first job quickly. And the affordability of the programs means that you won’t be starting out saddled with tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) in student loan debt.  

Skilled workers are in demand

For years the emphasis has been on sending high school graduates to college rather than to trade schools. Now, as baby boomers retire from these trades, there are not enough trained workers to replace them. This means there is a need for skilled workers today, and there will be one into the foreseeable future.

An opportunity to do work you enjoy

If you train to be an electrician because you’re intrigued by wires and circuits, you will be working with electricity every day. Whether you choose to work in construction, in an industrial setting or as a residential specialist, you’ll be working as an electrician, not as a plumber or carpenter. You’ll be spending your days doing what you were trained to do and probably enjoying every minute.

You can move up the ladder

Skilled trades offer plenty of room for advancement. You can earn certifications through continuing education programs and sharpen your skills by attending various training programs. The more you learn, the more opportunities you’ll see as you move toward a management position. And if a promotion is not one of your goals, you can continue working in a field that already gives you job satisfaction and better-than-average wages.

Let us help you get started with a career in the skilled trades

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