Three Ways to Make Temporary Employees Feel Welcome

As a business owner, your company is probably composed of a variety of full-time permanent workers and temp workers. Temp workers may only remain on your team for a limited amount of time, but they can provide your company with the contributions it needs to succeed. Unfortunately, temp workers do not always feel like they are part of the team, and this feeling of alienation can lead to drops in productivity. If you’ve recently hired temporary workers, here are some easy ways to make them feel welcome:

Assign Mentors

Working in a new place can be scary, especially if you’ve been brought in as a temp worker. As an employer, you can help new workers get acclimated by assigning them a mentor. The mentor should be someone relatively outgoing who has been there for a significant period of time, and he or she will be responsible for the following:

  • Answering any questions the new hire might have.
  • Introducing the new worker to their coworkers.
  • Explaining office policies and procedures.
  • Giving the new worker a tour of the workplace.

By assigning a mentor, you can be sure your new temp employee has access to the resources they need to be successful.

Send a Welcome Letter

Making a new employee feel welcome can be as simple as sending a personalized welcome letter. A letter with a personalized touch that explains simple facts about your workplace can ease tensions a bit and show your new employee that you want them to be successful. Welcome letters often include information about what the employee should expect on the first day, and who they can turn to if they have any questions or concerns.

Give Gifts

Many companies give their new employees gifts as a show of appreciation. The gifts you give don’t have to be extravagant, and even the simplest gifts can help employees feel welcome. Calendars, coffee mugs, stickers and other types of stationery branded with your company’s logo make great gifts, and when they are given on an employee’s first day, you can make a great impression.

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