Tips For Setting Your 2019 Career Goals

The new year is well underway and some of your resolutions may have already become moot. You've shoved that yoga gear you bought just after Christmas under the bed and just last night you ordered a gallon tub of premium rocky road ice cream from a place in Brooklyn that guarantees overnight dry ice-packed delivery. It happens.

While your workout and diet promises didn't last until spring, it's not too late to set some new objectives for your career. Making decisions about your future shouldn't just happen once a year. This becomes especially true for career-oriented objectives. Careers are long ... decades long. Seeds you plant now might not blossom for years to come.

Setting goals now is an important move for getting what you want down the road. Here's a four-step program for crafting a career path that will take you through 2019 and beyond:

Create a Plan

Without a mapping app, every road trip has the chance to turn into a pointless boondoggle; a confused circular wandering. Knowing where you are going and how to get there turns the trip into a (relatively) simple Point A to Point B scenario.

Careers work the same way. But they stretch out longer than a road trip; more of a Point A to a Point "Now I Know My ABCs" situation. But the same principle applies. It gets better with a plan. So take time to map out where you want to go with your career and research the best ways to get there.

Get Specific

While we're on the subject of mapping out a career path, remember: there are plans and then there are plans.

At the risk of overdoing the road trip metaphor, think about one set of directions that says: “go to the grocery store." Now imagine another that says: "go down Main Street for four blocks, turn right on Broadway and go three blocks ... the store is on your right."

Much easier to follow, right?

Don't sketch out a vague program with no concrete action plan. Instead, set specific, realistic goals and make a schedule of when you want to achieve them.

Take Daily Action

Imagine all the clichés you’ve seen printed in self-help materials: "Rome wasn’t built in a day." "A journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step." "Success is a process not a destination."

Corny, but true: You can’t change your career in a single flash. It takes incremental steps to achieve a major goal. Once you've set small, achievable goals, plan daily tasks you can complete to achieve them.

Take Stock Regularly

You must track progress to your goal. In a company, executives will meet quarterly to review their targets and make sure they remain on track. Run your career like you would run a business.

As you head down your career path, stop every once in a while to review how things are going. Make sure you're making sufficient progress and that you still want to achieve your original goals.

It's easier to reach your dream career when you have professional support. Teaming up with a strong recruiting partner, like United Personnel, helps you find the perfect position for your long-term goals.

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