The Top Skills Needed to be a Receptionist

It’s a key position. To anyone who walks through the front door of a business for the first time, the receptionist is the face of the company. It is important that a receptionist possesses the skills for this essential and trusted role in the organization.

Here is what it takes:

You are likely to be the first person a client or other visitor sees upon arriving, so it’s your responsibility to provide the first impression of your employer. Your behavior and your appearance tell the story of your company, so your smile and a friendly word are keys to a positive start. They show visitors you are happy to help them.

Since your primary responsibility is to greet and interact with people—both in person and on the phone—communication is the primary skill for finding out what visitors and callers need and helping them get it.

You’ll not only be interacting with visitors, you’ll also be working closely with the people they have come to see. You’ll be on the front lines when things go wrong, such as an important meeting falling through or when someone having a bad day decides to take it out on you. You must be able to patiently explain things, and keep the information flowing accurately and efficiently.

Technology Skills
Of course, you will probably be using a multiline telephone system and a computer. You’ll need to know how to use word processing, spreadsheet and maybe even database software. You’ll need to be familiar with your company’s email system along with its social media platforms. You’ll need to know how to scan and send documents and use a fax machine. And there’s the ever-present copier, which you’ll need to use and maintain.

It will be your job to keep yourself and everyone else organized since you will be the link for most of your company’s internal communications. You might also be in charge of stocking and straightening reading materials or informational resources in your waiting area.

Two or more calls could come in at once, while someone waits in your office to speak with you. You’ll have to keep the needs of each person separate in your mind and not neglect anyone without getting overwhelmed or frustrated!

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