United Personnel Employee Spotlight

Tricia Canavan, President: Dedicated, Engaged, and Caring

It’s accurate to say that Tricia was born into United Personnel. After all, her parents founded the business in 1984, so she has had plenty of exposure to it starting as a teenager. After a career mix of nonprofit management, education and human resources work, she came back to United to lead the company when her mother decided to retire. She saw it as an opportunity to help both clients and candidates and as a way to make an impact in the community.

While Tricia loves working collaboratively with her wonderful team at United, she manages to lead an active life away from the office. She has been a youth basketball coach for 12 years, and enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family. Her dream is to take an extended international sabbatical and do volunteer work with her family.

David Boutilier, Staffing Consultant: Kind, Funny, and Creative

When David’s animation studio closed after 16 years, he began searching for a company where his project management skills could be put to good use. When he applied at United Personnel, we were fortunate enough to have a staffing consultant position open at our Springfield Light Industrial division. We brought him on board immediately.

In his not-so-distant past, David worked on a Super Bowl commercial that included the Black Eyed Peas, traveled to Argentina and tried his hand at stand-up comedy. His bucket list includes sailing a boat around the Caribbean, learning to fly a plane and writing a sketch for a popular sitcom. As everyone at UP has discovered, David is happiest when he’s making others laugh.

Melissa Marieb, Human Resources Representative: Curious, Empathetic, and Witty

Melissa originally came to United Personnel as a client. She was looking to obtain a position in HR, and we recognized her as the perfect fit for our open position. She has transitioned smoothly into the high-energy world of staffing and now loves her co-workers and the rewarding atmosphere of an agency that finds the best match for both clients and candidates.

One of the highlights of Melissa’s past was attending Space Camp as a child. She is also rightfully proud of having earned her master’s degree, and at some point in the future, she hopes to write a novel. During her teenage years, she was employed by Six Flags amusement park making large tissue flowers and attaching them to sticks. It’s safe to say she has come a long way since then!