What to Look for in a Resume When Hiring

As an employer, what exactly should you look for in a resume? Most people know to examine the important sections of a resume, such as the objective and work history, but in reality, there are other, less obvious things you should look for as well. The next time you are perusing a candidate’s resume, it can be beneficial to look for the following elements.

Correct Grammar and Punctuation

Everyone misspells or misuses a word periodically, but when a resume is littered with errors, you may want to set it aside. When a person leaves numerous grammatical mistakes in their resume, it can signal the following issues:

  • The applicant is not taking the job search and application processes seriously.
  • The applicant did not want to be bothered with performing a basic proofread.
  • The applicant does not know how to spell properly.

Whatever the reason behind the misspelled words, all applicants should perform a basic spellcheck before submitting their resume.

A Consistent Work History

Are there a significant number of gaps in the employment history of a candidate’s resume? If there are, you may want to consider calling another candidate in for an interview. If there are numerous gaps in employment, it can be a sign the employee hops from one job to another. Everyone has personal issues that can prevent them from working from time to time, but if there are numerous gaps, the employee may not be able to provide you with the loyalty you are seeking.

Sufficient Work Experience

Let’s face it – candidates need the right type and amount of experience to perform a job, and as an employer, you should be sure they possess this experience before they are called in for an interview. If the experience section of a candidate’s resume is too short, you may want to go in another direction.

Discuss Your Staffing Needs

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