When to Ask for Help at Work

When to Ask for Help at Work

It can be hard to ask for help at work. It can make you feel like you're admitting to your co-workers and bosses that you aren't capable or competent. However, that doesn't have to be the case. 

A core concept for any thriving operation is teamwork. At its essence, it involves employees assisting one another. And asking for help is just part of that teamwork process.

Here are a few of the instances when you should not hesitate to seek support:

When You Start Something New

It takes experience and practice to become good at a skill or task. When you begin a new project, request as much information as possible. Remember, the start of a project is the time when asking questions pose the least potential embarrassment. Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can.

When You're Not Sure What You're Doing

Don't wander too far down the wrong track. You may be shy about feeling a little lost, but imagine how embarrassing it will be to fess up a few weeks down the line — when you’re completely baffled. 

Your supervisors and co-workers would prefer that you ask questions early on. It's preferable you get reoriented quickly, rather than waste time and resources being unproductive. 

When You Need to Make a Contact

Most projects require at least some input from other people. You might not know everyone involved in a project. Don't be shy about asking for an introduction.

If you need to reach out to someone unfamiliar, ask a colleague to make the contact. In the end, it will speed up the process and ultimately save time.

When You Have Too Much on Your Plate

Of course, you value your perception as a go-to employee. However, if you volunteer to take on every project, it can leave you with more than you can handle.

When you become overburdened, your work inevitably suffers. Don't fall into this trap. If you start falling behind, take a step to fix the problem by asking for help.

When You've Made a Mistake

Realizing you've made an error is a stressful situation. Your instinct may be to keep it a secret and attempt to fix it yourself.

However, this can result in more significant problems down the road. If you've made an error that impacts someone else, admit to it and ask for assistance as you work toward a solution.

The Importance of Strategic Relationship Building 

Requesting advice or support can actually help build and strengthen relationships. Asking for help can serve your long-term goals — allowing you to seek out mentors and expand your network.

Asking for help becomes easier when you're confident the organization around you will provide the support you require to thrive. Working with a reliable recruiting partner, such as United Personnel, ensures that you find those kinds of employers.

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